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Why Terrazzo Tiles Are the Most Suitable Flooring Options for Your Commercial Building

Typically, a commercial building is a public place where people come in and out now and then. Whether it is an office, school, restaurant, or public library, one thing is peculiar to every commercial building; it experiences high traffic daily. 

Now, in a place where people walk around from opening time till close, what suffers the pressure is the floor. Daily wear and tear can make even the most durable flooring material become damaged or even tarts to pull off. For that reason, it is essential for designers to carefully select a long-serving flooring material that can withstand the daily wear and tear resulting from high traffic. 

Seamless terrazzo tiles are the ideal flooring option for any given commercial space because of their outstanding durability. If you are operating a commercial building, you should always be expectant of the unexpected. For instance, some stains on the sole of visitors’ shoes might pose significant threats to your flooring.  

While heavy foot traffic in commercial spaces such as hotels, airports, and retail centers is dangerous to your terrazzo floor tiles, other factors such as disabled-friendly vehicles, moving carts, and accidents from children who are simply enjoying a nice moment are just a few of the several destructive factors that your floor would have to withstand daily.

Why Terrazzo Tiles Are the Most Suitable Flooring Options for Your Commercial Building

With this in mind, you cannot afford to install a regular, non-durable flooring material in your commercial space if you want to get the best result. Whatever the purpose your commercial space is serving, terrazzo tiles remain the right choice to beautify the floor of the space.

Here are a few of the reasons you should always considerusi8ng terrazzo tiles for commercial apace flooring.

Terrazzo tiles are non-porous 

When you are planning to install tiles on the floor of any commercial space, securing the best way to keep it sealed from the expected daily wear and tear should be your first consideration. Else, every penny you spend on beautifying the floor will amount to waste at the end of the day. 

In an atypical commercial space, you should that your flooring would have to withstand things like mud deposits, drink spills, and every other debris that can contact the surface of your floor through the feet of consumers and employees, which can potentially settle in the flooring. When this happens, it might result in the build-up of harmful mold or bacteria that can degrade the flooring material. If you don’t take drastic steps to remove grease from tile, concrete, or other typical flooring materials, you might have to replace the floor in a concise while. 

Why Terrazzo Tiles Are the Most Suitable Flooring Options for Your Commercial Building

If you use terrazzo tiles to beautify the flooring of your commercial space, you can rest assured that your flooring is safe from all these destructive substances. Terrazzo tiles come with a nonporous surface that resists the splash and spills of water, chemicals, and other debris from penetrating your commercial space floor. Using terrazzo tiles on your commercial space floor is the best way to eliminate the risk of bacteria or mold build-up and also to keep your commercial terrazzo floor gorgeous for even more than a lifetime. 

Terrazzo tiles resist scratches

As earlier discussed in this article, heavy foot traffic can bring a lot of damage to your commercial space floor. Indeed, foot traffic is just one of the many floor-destroying factors you should always guard against in a commercial building. 

Typically, it is most likely that a commercial floor will experience many sharp, heavy objects being dragged across the floor surface with great frequency. While some of the softer flooring materials can become visibly damaged from various daily activities, terrazzo tiles can withstand much more without a single scratch on the surface. In addition to its nonporous properties, terrazzo tiles are considered a premium flooring option for their unmatched scratch and damage. You can read about your floor tiles cleaner by visiting

More so, terrazzo tiles are made from a highly durable combination of shell, marble, pebble, and glass chips. Hence, terrazzo floors would have the capacity to withstand the severe trauma that is expected to occur in a typical commercial space frequently.

Terrazzo tiles are cost-effective

You will need to cover a lot of square footage when you are flooring a commercial building. When this is the case, it might surprise you to discover that even a slightly expensive material can take the plunge and become significantly more pricey by the time you finish calculating the bottom line. In the same vein, those architects and designers that try to reduce costs by considering other inferior flooring material option would likely see future costs soaring higher as the need to maintain frequently, repair, or replace the damaged flooring begin to arise. 

With their premium durability, terrazzo tiles have the lowest lifecycle cost compared to any other flooring material in the present market. It is a set-it-and-forget flooring option, which connotes that an expert tile installer installs it; you will not have to worry about high maintenance costs in the long run since there wouldn’t be constant repair and replacement.

In addition to these savings, terrazzo tiles take the pressure off your shoulder, reducing the cleaning and maintenance cost. When the surface of the terrazzo continues to experience heavy use, you can achieve thorough sanitation with a wet vacuum or clean mo. That way, you will find it easy to restore the high-quality shine of the commercial floor while reducing the impact on operating costs.

Terrazzo tiles are eco-friendly 

With the increasing push in society to “go green,” terrazzo tiles make for an excellent flooring option to comply with environmental health standards. Its highly innovative fabrication helps designers to maximize LEED points. Also, its minimal volatile organic compound (VOC) content ensures that harmful byproducts do not escape into the commercial space. With this fantastic feature, designers and architects ensure that the commercial building maintains premium air quality.

Why Terrazzo Tiles Are the Most Suitable Flooring Options for Your Commercial Building

Final Words 

Terrazzo tiles are the best flooring option for every commercial space due to their ability to withstand heavy foot traffic and still retain their radiant look for a lifetime. Meanwhile, you don’t have to take serious cleaning precautions to maintain terrazzo floor tiles; you only have to use water and soft detergent to quickly wipe away the dirt and stains on the surface. You can read about why you should use terrazzo tiles for your home by clicking here.